Update on our little man
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    Default Update on our little man

    I guess technically Callum's now an afterschooler, since he's doing the specialty PreK program (for autism) at PS and still enjoying T4L at home. He is currently enrolled in the lower PreK (3 y/o) and was supposed to move to the upper level (4-5 y/o) next fall. His teacher says he's made so much progress that he's no longer benefitting from being in the class with the younger kids. We knew academically he'd grow out of it because of his Hyperlexia, BUT I had no idea he'd do so well socially. So starting next week, he's moving up with the big boys part-time. The program has shifted (due to lack of funding) from an autism-only to an autism-and-speech-or-other-learning-delay class, so half the kids have autism and half don't, not to mention that the teacher student ratio is twice what it was before. So there will be much more one-on-one time with the older children than there is now in his current group. The classroom will be the same, but his hours will be staggered to a later time slot, which is great for him. He'll be in the late class two days and the early class two days. Everyone is early one of those days (because of early release program at the ps) and once co-op is over for the year, he'll move to the later slot on that last day. He has also moved to the same-age class at church, whereas before he was with younger kids. So overall, be is doing great.

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    Default Re: Update on our little man

    That is great news Melissa!!
    Way to go for him!!!
    Keep us posted on how he is doing with being moved to the older class!!

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