Using T4L with a child on the autism spectrum
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    Default Using T4L with a child on the autism spectrum

    Does anyone have any experience/advice for using this system for my son who has autism? He can read and talk. He doesn't write very well. And I don't know what his comprehension level is. He is 9 and I will be doing 2nd grade with him. Any advice would be great!!

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    My daughter started using T4L in Kindergarten a few years ago. She has Down syndrome. When she started, she was just beginning to learn to read, but was not writing at all. Her comprehension was limited.
    She is now doing 2nd and 4th grade levels, depending on the subject. She does not write independently. I have her do copy work from a book to practice handwriting, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and even learn sentence structure (however little bit she picks up as she copies from good classic texts).

    I would just recommend that you sit with him in the beginning while he does his work. As he answers the questions throughout the lessons and quizzes, you should be able to get an idea of how well he's comprehending. One of the things I love about T4L is that we can repeat lessons as often as necessary without penalties. This is so beneficial for my daughter. And if she's done a lesson independently, I can always go to the progress report to see how she did. If she scored below 80%, we repeat the lesson together so I can get a better idea of where she's struggling.

    I don't know if you mean that your son is having trouble with letter formation/his handwriting, or if you're talking about writing as in sentence structure. If it's handwriting, I have a wonderful resource I can share with you. I found this notebook paper that has been so helpful for her. It's called Redispace Transitional Notebook. That link will take you to it. Amazon also sells the notebooks.

    I just give her a book to copy from. Another resource she really enjoys for handwriting and drawing is Draw Write Now books. That's where I buy them, but I'm sure Amazon and other places sell them also. The book teaches how to draw, step by step, a simple picture. And then they write/copy a few sentences about the picture on the lined paper right underneath. My daughter loves these.

    I hope some of this was helpful. If you have any more specific questions that I may not have answered, please feel free to ask. I kind of went off on a bunny trail making suggestions in addition to your question about T4L. I know he'll do well with the program. My daughter LOVES time4learning!! I love to hear her giggle at the characters and their antics as they teach her a concept.
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