Where to begin with my downsyndrome son on this program?
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    Default Where to begin with my downsyndrome son on this program?

    My son Joshua, is 6 and half and is going to kindergarten for the second time. They plan to have two days with the regular program and the other 3 days to participate in art, PE, reading time with the grade 1 and pullout with there personal assistant for one on one learning. I thought it would be great help for the personal assistants for him to be able to intergrate this program in to this schedule. Any ideas? Am I niave? Thanks Kathy

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    Default Re: Where to begin with my downsyndrome son on this program?

    Hi, Kathy. I have a son named Joshua with Down syndrome, too!

    If he is in public school, you might check into having Time4Learning added to his IEP so it will be paid for.

    Does he need practice on things like making patterns and matching pictures to their shadows/outlines? If so, you might start him in the preschool program. He might enjoy the lessons based on a song, too. Although the lessons are checked off the first time the student works through them, remember that they can be done over and over again.

    If he's ready to work with numbers up to ten and learn about letters, you might place him in the kindergarten level. First grade students do better if they understand number concepts to one hundred and are ready to read.

    Can he use a mouse? My son finds that difficult, but he loves playing games on my iPhone, so I'm looking into a touchscreen for him. I haven't yet tried a touchscreen with Time4Learning.

    Good luck as you make your decisions!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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