Word Processing Disorder/Epilepsy
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    Default Word Processing Disorder/Epilepsy

    Hello all. This is my first thread post here. I am always asking for help last, and try to find things out for myself, but I am at a loss here.

    My 11 year old daughter (6th grade) has issues with comprehension, a word processing disorder, and intractable epilepsy (which means they are not completely controlled). Public school tested her in 3rd grade, which I do believe was not completely accurate. We are in the process of having her fully tested by a neuropsychiatrist (waiting for referral) as well as waiting to see a geneticist, to prayerfully find out the cause of all her issues.

    Anyway, I have placed her in 5th grade language arts and math. 6th grade for all else. This thread is in regards to LA Ext. and Odyssey Writer. Writing is not a strong point for her and she is getting extremely discouraged. I feel that now may be a good time to back her off of LA Ext. and focus on the other subjects, at least until we get a more definite diagnosis of her problems.

    My main questions is this, do I have to do LA Ext.? Or is this just a writing/comprehension extension to LA? I feel she has plenty more years to focus on writing. Can someone help me with this and/or suggest things they have done with their children? Thank you all in advance!

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    Default Re: Word Processing Disorder/Epilepsy

    Hi, BrandiJ. Welcome!

    Time4Learning provides a whole lot of material. People don't usually use all of it. You can pick and choose what you need. You don't "have" to use anything. That's one reason it's such a popular choice for children with special needs. The curriculum can be tailored to what they require.

    Not doing the language arts extensions will not, by itself, eliminate any writing assignments. Writing assignments occur in both language arts and language arts extensions. You might want to preview activities from within your parent login account to see what they're about before assigning them.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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