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Thread: 12 yo with add/odd

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    Default 12 yo with add/odd

    Hi, I have some questions. I have been homeschooling my 12yo for awhile now. It has been very challenging. I have been looking at T4L for years. I have tried a free online homeschool where they do things online as well as written work, but he would venture off to you tube. So I quit using it. I can't trust him. But I'm also needing help with getting him to want to learn. I had him tested and he has long and short term memory problems and problems to even get to the memory. He still does not know his times tables and is at a 4th grade reading level. I have another son whom I hs and I love reading to bothof them, but my 12yo doesn't retain it unless he is totally trying to stay focused. What I have been doing is having him read the same book then I read to both of them the next day and he fills out a worksheet. He does't give very good answers just a couple of words. Our relationship is not very good right now. Its that love hate thing. I've been praying for answers. So after saying all this, will T4L help us? Thanks!

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    Hi there, and welcome to the forums!

    It can be tough, when you feel like you're constantly battling your kiddos to get their school stuff done. We use to go through phases where one of mine (I have two boys, ages 9 and 14) would be fine, but the other would be argumentative. Then they'd switch, lol.

    Do I personally think that Time4Learning could help you guys? I would say it's worth a shot, at the very least. Both of my boys are visual learners, with short attention spans, yet they both can do very well with T4L and even enjoy it, most of the time, lol. You may have better luck getting advice, and sharing information with other homeschooling families, if you check out these boards:

    Getting Started with Time4Learning
    Members Chat on Using Time4Learning
    Special Needs (I don't know if your son has any diagnosed LD, but you may find some good advice for the struggles you are experiencing.

    I hope those help! Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you around...
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