Do you turn your family Summer vacation into a educational one?
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    Default Do you turn your family Summer vacation into a educational one?

    It is SO natural for homeschooling parents to bring homeschooling to anything we do!
    Despite that Summer is a natural break time for us for homeschool, I find myself planning our Summer vacation with learning in mind!
    We are headed to Coos Bay, OR. for camping, beachcombing, and crabbing for 5 days!
    My kids had to research Coos Bay and Crabbing for their writing projects in the month of May.
    We will be taking books on crabs and sealife so we can examine and take pics of the crabs we catch and understand them inside and out!
    The boys will be the ones in charge of checking the tide schedules!
    And I know that they will have notebooks to take notes to write about their actual experience once we start our schooling back up in August!
    So, am the only homeschooling parent to do this?
    If you do it too, how do you include it to make it seem NOT like schoolwork but yet.... it is!LOL

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    I agree that we do tend to throw "school" into all (or as many as possible) of our activities!

    We actually do school year round, and T4L works so well for that! The program really does lend itself to fit around OUR schedule which is so important! We don't have a typical summer vacation...we go in the late spring just before school lets out so we have less people where we go.

    I know it's surprising for a homeschool family to say this, but when we go on vacation we just go vacation...I need a break just as much as the kids do, lol! I don't have specific learning activities planned, but my boys are very much interest led learners, so they ALWAYS find things that they "learn" about. This past vacation is was turtles and cranes (sp? - big birds...).

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