Thanks to a member's suggestion, we now have a forum specifically for sharing enrichment resources! Ideas for things to share in the new forum are: your homemade worksheets or study guides, science supply lists, forms you use to organize your day, links to great websites or educational videos, recipes, crafts, and anything else that you've found to be valuable additions to Time4Learning's curriculum.

To make this forum as user-friendly as possible, please follow these guidelines.

Resources should be free.

Most resources should be specific to a certain T4L lesson and clearly identified. Post your resource under the appropriate grade level. Your subject line should state the grade level, class and topic, i.e. 4th Grade/Social Studies/Mesopotamia. If you can further narrow it to a certain lesson activity, that's even better! (4th Grade/Social Studies/Mesopotamia/LA#4321)

Add to someone else's thread instead of starting a new one whenever possible. That way, we will have all resources for a certain topic under one thread.

If you find a dead link, please let me know so I can delete it as a resource.

You may post general organizational forms (such as assignment sheets and scheduling calendars) and resources for electives not covered in Time4Learning (such as Spanish or typing). Clearly identify the resource in your subject line.

Please don't violate any copyrights with the items you upload.

Hopefully, the new forum will blossom into a rich source of inspiration! I'm going now to round up some things users have already posted and move them into the new forum.