2nd Grade Language Arts
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    Default 2nd Grade Language Arts

    When my son has to do the lessons with the Arvid and Kitty charactor's, it has background noise of someone constantly counting. It is causing much frustration with my son. How can that be fixed?

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    We are sorry you are having trouble with some of the lessons.

    We recommend that you upgrade the flash version to

    If you have already installed this update it may have not installed properly. We recommend uninstalling your current flash player and installing the newest version of flash.

    Per instructions from Adobe you can remove the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller.

    For Firefox Browser

    For Internet Explorer Browser

    Click on the uninstaller and select the appropriate uninstaller for your operating system and run it.

    After you have uninstalled Flash, please restart your computer. This is an important step to be sure all the components are uninstalled.

    After your computer has restarted, go to Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player, be sure to uncheck the install McAfee Security box and click download now. Once it is finished installing you can login to Time4Learning through your browser. You should be able to access all the lessons without trouble.

    Please contact support at [email protected] or 888-771-0914 if you need additional assistance.

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