2nd grade science tech issues
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    Default 2nd grade science tech issues

    Okay....I believe that this is a tech issue b/c it happens on both of our computers. There are several 2nd grade science lessons that when you get to the end and go to press the 'stop' sign to end the lesson it just sits there and you can't get out of the lesson any other way than 'x' ing out of it. And obviously when you do this it shows that you haven't completed the lesson.

    So there is no way for us to get our 'check mark' for the lesson after 'lifecycles' I believe. I am going to go back in and make sure that this is the lesson for sure.

    But this happens to us alot. My boys will go all the way through a lesson and then it will not allow them to exit and then they have to go all the way through it again (which isn't bad if it isn't a long lesson, but it makes them frustrated) to get their check mark or 'twirling star'. What is the deal with this?????

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    To be perfectly honest I have heard of this before. Not too often but I have heard of it. I, personally, would try clearing my cache and turning off my computer for a second. If you log back in and it continues I recommend contacting [email protected] with one of the activity#s so we can investigate it further.

    Here are some instructions on how to clear your Cache.

    Your cache or browsing history is your computer’s way of tracking the history of sites you have visited online and acts as a memory. Sometimes the computer’s memory gets too full and will discontinue recognizing or differentiating between multiple log-ins and passwords. This means you need to clear your cache/delete the browsing history.

    If using Internet Explorer:
    Click on the Tools tab
    Click on Internet Options
    Click on “ClearHistory”

    If using Firefox Mozilla:
    Click on Tools Tab
    Click on Privacy Tab
    Click on Cache Tab and “Clear Cache Now”

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