4th gr LA EXT problems!!
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    Unhappy 4th gr LA EXT problems!!

    Hello Everyone,
    Is anyone else having trouble with the literature extension titled as Biography:"Then what happened Paul Revere?" There is also another one in there like that that I am also having trouble with. The page, when you get to it; says to read the biograhpy of Paul Revere, but then there is absolutely nothing to click on to get to the biography. There is NO link. I've tried to access this via my laptop and a desktop at the public library as well. Nothing! My daughter and I would like to finish up this unit(we're almost done), but this Paul Revere biography and also the one about Thomas Jefferson just will not load. There is nothing to click on too get to these 2 biographies. HELLPPPP!!
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    In order to complete the lessons you will need to get the actual books to read. As it states in the Paul Revere Lesson, the book needed is And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz. In the lesson on Jefferson, you will need to get A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson by David A. Adler. Both books should be available at the library. There is a list of books on the Parent Administration page under additional resources for each grade level for any other lessons that require some offline reading.


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