5th Grade LA Extention will not load!! Lesson 5183
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    Default 5th Grade LA Extention will not load!! Lesson 5183

    I am having trouble getting my sons 5th grade LA ext. to load. It is lesson 5183. Only the top part of the learning activity bar will come up, and sometimes it will not load at all. It's the same thing with his Science and History. We spend more time waiting and hoping it will load. Am I the only person this is happening to? Thanks

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    It's working for me. What kind of Internet connection do you have? Do the other lessons work for you?

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    My first suggestion would be to clear your browser cache and re-boot your computer. This clears your history, cookies, and temporary internet files. Re-booting your computer can also establish a fresh internet connection. If you still have and issue chances are your systems security settings are not allowing you to get to our lessons. You will need to tell your computer to allow us by adding a couple of trusted sites to your browser options.

    If using Internet Explorer, from your browser window select “Tools”.

    Select “Internet Options”.
    From your tab settings select “Security”.
    Click on “Trusted Sites” and then click the sites button
    Please add these two sites
    http://www.thelearningodyssey.com We also suggest adding them to your allowed sites list.
    Click on Tools
    Select “Internet Options”
    Click on the Privacy tab
    Click on Sites and add

    If using Firefox, from your browser window select “Tools”.

    1. Select “Privacy”.
    2. Under cookies select “Exceptions”.
    3. Please add these two sites and allow them


    You can also choose Content and under Block pop-up windows select "Exceptions" and add the same two sites. While still in Content under Load images automatically select "Exceptions" and add the same two sites there.


    Your cache or browsing history is your computer’s way of tracking the history of sites you have visited online and acts as a memory. Sometimes the computer’s memory gets too full and will discontinue recognizing or differentiating between multiple log-ins and passwords. This means you need to clear your cache/delete the browsing history.

    If using Internet Explorer: If using Firefox Mozilla:

    Click on the Tools tab Click on Tools Tab
    Click on Internet Options Click on Privacy Tab
    Click on “Clear History” Click on Cache Tab and “Clear Cache Now”

    Note: Internet Explorer users can also use a shortcut to clear the cache on a given page they're on by holding down the Control key and F5 key together.

    Let's us know if this doesn't work.


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