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    Default About completeness of material

    1. https://www.time4learning.com/App/Ad...dashboard.aspx shows that Science material for 7th and 8th grades aren't available (is that how to interpret it?). It asks us to check out the "previous" or "next" grades. What does this mean?

    2. In general, how does one ensure/check that the material given here is "sufficient" for a particular course/syllabi (say, 8th grade IGCSE, 7th grade CBSE in India, 6th grade "core" syllabi used in the US, etc.). Have you any mapping of this kind of info anywhere? Am particularly keen on checking if the 6-8th grade material here will cater to the Checkpoint tests of IGCSE.

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    Science and Studies are given as a bonus (at no additional charge) along with the Language Arts and Math. Time4Learning does not have them available at all grade levels. Science is available 1st - 6th grade, Social Studies 2nd - 7th. We generally give you whatever grade we have available closest to your student's grade level.

    The Language Arts and Math are correlated to all US states requirements. The program is used in schools across the country. We are unable to validate the correlation to other countries. All the standards in Language Arts and Math are based on the US.

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