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    Default activity planner update

    I know you guys just did an update on the activity planner but it is acting all kinds of crazy. From my son's login it is only giving me half of this week's plan and on mine it is even more messed up. It has my 3rd grader in 7th grade social studies and 8th grade science. Even math and LA which do say 3rd grade are all not right. I have a hard enough time barely planning ahead since you don't tell me I need specific books or objects until I am in the middle of a lesson but I this is just making it impossible to tell him what he needs to do without sitting on top of him at all times. Please fix this asap.

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    There have been a few glitches with the planner and the technical team is trying to pinpoint what might be happening for some users. I noticed that the plans generated on your account are for one week at a time. This may be part of what is causing you some troubles. The planner is really meant to be used to plan out the entire year's worth of curriculum. The system may be getting confused. I did not see the varying grade levels that you are seeing. Perhaps you can clear the cache on your computer. If you need further help, contact support directly for the most accurate and best help. You can call 888-771-0914 or email [email protected]

    FYI, there is a listing of books that may be needed along with other info on your parent administration page on the Parent Tools tab.

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