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    Default Answers to Activities within lessons, not resources-worksheets

    Are there answers for the questions that show up within a lesson? For example, 6th grade social studies activity #6160 The Life of Buddhism and language arts extension #6432 direct or indirect objects.

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    Default Answer Keys

    Answer keys are provided (within the lesson plans) for the worksheets that are supplemental to the lessons and available outside of the lesson itself. When an activity has a worksheet within the lesson itself (usually an older activity) no answer keys are provided. Since the program was originally developed for use in schools, those older activities were created for use in a classroom setting where the teacher and students would review the lesson together. All the answers to the "worksheet" are listed within the activity itself so the worksheet is used as a reinforcement tool. You may want to go through the activity with your child and use the opportunity to fill out the worksheet together and prepare for the upcoming lesson quiz.

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