Anyone having trouble printing child's reports?
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    Default Anyone having trouble printing child's reports?

    This has been an issue for me for months now. Whenever I try to print my kids reports by clicking on the PDF button, nothing happens. I contacted T4L about it at the end of the school year, and they were no help. Anyone here have this problem and how did you fix it? Doesn't matter whether I sign in as parent or child, or if I use Windows 7 or Vista--same result no matter what. Prior to the end of last year, I had no problems with it, but once they added the ability to print reports from the parents page, I lost my ability to print them altogether, from anywhere! I pay way too much money for this program to have problems like this!

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    We are sorry you are having troubles with printing you student's reports.

    You may need to update the adobe reader on you computer. Click here to update the reader on you system.

    Once you update this program, reboot your computer. You should be able to print the reports.

    If you run into any other issues, please contact us at 954-771-0914.

    Thank you,

    Marie, Time4Learning - Customer Support

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    can u view other pdf's? i had the same problem before. when i checked my pdf preferences the under documents pdf/a view mode should be ONLY FOR PDF/A documents.
    mine was in NEVER when i changed that, my problem was solved. check page display too,
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