App for Ipad to be able to run the Time 4 Learning program
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    Default App for Ipad to be able to run the Time 4 Learning program

    Just wanted to pass on that we found a free app called Rover - The Browser for Education for our Ipad. The app opens as a browers where you type in the web site and use as you normally would. It is not perfect by no means, but it will allow us to be more mobile with our studies. The login screens act a little funny, but the flash ran great. Was excited that I did not have to buy another tablet that would support flash. My child reads better if he can lay something in his lap and put his finger on it while he is reading. I did not like the idea of a laptop because you can not zoom on the text like with a tablet. Hope this helps someone.

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    Ooh, I am very excited to explore this - thank you for posting it!

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