Art Program Not Working
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    Default Art Program Not Working

    The art program just became available for my son at the end of last week. When we click the art tab we can hear the music but nothing else happens. No screen changes, no lessons. Just music then nothing. Please help lol.

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    We suggest that you update your flash player. If after you have updated the flash player you find you are still having an issue you will need to contact our support staff so we may locate the account and assist you further. \

    Adobe recently updated Flash and the most current version is not compatible with our system at this time.

    We recommend that you change the flash version to

    Per instructions from Adobe you can remove the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller.

    For Firefox Browser

    For Internet Explorer Browser

    Click on the uninstaller and select the appropriate uninstaller for your operating system and run it.

    After you have uninstalled Flash, please restart your computer, by shutting it off completely and turning it back on. This is an important step to be sure all the components are uninstalled.

    After your computer has restarted, go to
    Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player

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