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    Default Assigning work

    So from what I see, I cannot use the program to assign my daughters work. I have to make a list of the codes for her to complete each day and she has to enter them manually? Why can't I just have an "assign" button that puts it in her assignments tab? It says that is only used in a classroom setting? Why is that? I tried this program before and had forgotten how it worked when I signed up again this week. I remember now why I stopped using it. It is not user friendly as far as that goes. Can this be changed, or is what I want possible and I just need a lesson in how to use it?

    Thank you for your help.

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    The assignments function is used by teachers in schools and only allows them to assign one lesson at a time to their entire class. Since Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum, the assignments feature is not functional for home use as we have assigned all the material to you upon registration. Unfortunately, at this time you would have to write down the activity codes and give them to the student to locate through their activity finder.

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    I'm having an issue with the exact same thing. It's not a deal breaker at this point but it may or may not become an issue later. We'll see. What does it mean to be a "...home-based curriculum,...not functional for home use..."? That's kinda confusing.

    I THINK what it means is that a brick and mortar teacher is given the curriculum in bulk and then pushes them out one at a time to a class of students as he/she sees fit...So on the upon the student logging in he/she will see that ONE assignment. Whereas we home users are given the ENTIRE curriculum in bulk on each students account and therefore we've sort of "bypassed" the pushing out of individual assignments in the way that the brick and mortar teacher would. Every assignment is available to our student immediately. This means we will have to pick and choose the lessons in some other manner to organize our days. Is this correct?

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    Exactly, the Time4Learning program provides members with a full year’s worth of curriculum that is laid out in a suggested sequence with lessons building on each other. The program prompts your child to move from lesson to lesson marking them off as they are completed. Since the program is self-paced, you can decide how many lessons your child completes each day.The assignments function is used by teachers in schools and only allows them to assign one lesson at a time to their entire class. Since Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum, the assignments feature is not functional for home use.

    To help with lesson planning, Time4Learning has designed an activity scheduler that can be used to figure out how many lessons to do per week, and can be accessed through the parent administration page. The activity scheduler allows you to break down the curriculum week- by-week into an easy to follow plan that can be printed out and saved in PDF form. Each activity is assigned a learning a learning activity number (LA#) which will be included on the generated schedule. The student can then type this LA# into the activity finder on your child’s launch page which will take them directly to the activity.

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    I'm new to T4L, and I am envisioning a structure in which I assign work and tests to my student, and then when he logs in he can get to a list of just the assignments for that day or week or plan. For him to log in and see all the assignments for then entire year is overwhelming for him. When I click to assign work to his "plan" I have not yet found a way for him to just see that list from his login screen. I had thought that when I added work to his plan, then he could view his plan and see what I had assigned for him day by day. I am assuming that I just haven't found the right way to navigate through the application yet, and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    Hey there,

    The Activity Planner serves as a checklist for the student. It does not alter what the student sees after they click "Lessons" - they will always have the full year's curriculum available to them, in case they need to go back and review something, or finish the week's work and want to move ahead. The planner does not necessarily "assign" lessons for the students to do, it simply serves as a guideline for the student to help them find out what you, as the parent, want them to do for the day.

    I've heard it described as a grocery list of sorts, which I actually think is a fantastic description! Even though you have that list of groceries you'd like to buy, all of the aisles are still there because you might just find something you need that wasn't originally on your list.

    Now, if having the whole curriculum available is overwhelming, if you take a look at your Activity Planner, you will see a series of numbers and letters under the LA# column. Your student can highlight that LA# and copy it, then click on lessons. On that page, on the bottom-right-hand corner, you'll see a magnifying glass. If he pastes that LA# into the search bar, it will quick-jump your student straight to that activity, so he can bypass looking at the whole year's curriculum.

    If you need any assistance with the Activity Planner, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (888) 771-0914. Any of our representatives would be more than happy to help!
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