Assignments not showing completed
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    Default Assignments not showing completed

    Hi, I am having a problem. My homeschooling granddaughter will complete the assignments, but when I go to view her progress, they don't show as completed. This was a major issue in me leaving Time4learning for 6 weeks. I am hoping it is just a glitch that is being fixed.
    I really like the curriculum here on T4L, but being able to check that the assignments were completed is one of the biggest advantages to me reactivating my account.

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    One common problem is finishing an activity and then finding that it was not marked as complete. All activities have specific ways to exit so that the system recognizes that the learning exercise is complete. Most likely your child finished the activity but did not realize that the way he/she exited was incorrect. Please click here for examples of different ways to properly exit each lesson.
    If you have further questions, please contact us.

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