Attendance Total Time?
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    Default Attendance Total Time?

    In my state we are required to keep track of the hours we spend on homeschool. I see that Time4Learning has an attendance report which is great, but for some reason mine shows the start time of each session but then says 00:00:00 under total time. I could really use that time for my records. Why is it showing that she hasn't done anything?

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    Default Re: Attendance Total Time?

    To run an attendance report, log in to your parent dashboard and click on Lesson Planning and Reports. Choose the Reports icon. Select your student's name and Time4Learning under Detailed Report. Choose the Reports tab and, finally, under the dropdown in the left sidebar, select "Attendance" as the type of report.

    These only show the time your student was logged in online. Any worksheets or writing assignments won't be indicated.

    In states where parents are required to track hours, they legitimately count things like 4H, Scouts, piano lessons or music practice, arts and crafts, volunteer work or a part time job, church or other organizational activities, organized sports or driveway basketball with a friend, the educational portion of family vacations or outings, and casual parental instruction in things like cooking or auto mechanics. I just kept a calendar with big spaces for the dates and wrote things like "Walk around the neighborhood, 45 minutes, P.E." or "Planned and cooked family dinner, one hour, Home Ec."

    You might be interested in the following article, called How Long is a Homeschool Day?

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