Can't Find Science Lessons
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    Default Can't Find Science Lessons

    Hi there,

    My daughter is signed up for the 7th grade program and middle school science, but we cannot see any science lessons when she accesses the lessons screen. Additionally, science is not showing up in the "Activity Scheduler" of the Parent Administration. Is something wrong, or are we just missing it somewhere? I actually signed her up almost solely for the science program, so I'd really like to access it.

    Thanks for any tips or help!

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    If a subject is not showing on the scheduler it is because nothing was selected for that subject when you registered. The activity scheduler is tied to the registration or adjust education requests. If you go into your parent account and select the science you want by using the change grade levels option, then your choice will be reflected on your student's scheduler. If you need assistance, contact the support team at 888-771-0914 and they can look up your account and help.


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