Can't see all choices in a question
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    Default Can't see all choices in a question

    On some of the 7th Grade math quizes and lessons there is a question with 4 or so multiple choice answers. The question and choices appear in a white box while the rest of the background is blue. The last choice is cut off from the bottom of the white box and cannot be read. We are doing Geometric Properties of Lines - M7150 and M7149. Any body else experiencing this?


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    Default Re: Can't see all choices in a question

    We had this on Monday in a 7th grade quiz as well. Never had it before but noticed on Monday that the quiz # bar and turn in thing were at the top so it may be because of this.
    Ours was only on 1 question and we were lucky in that the answer was 1 of the 2 we could see.

    I just chalked it up to revamping the system and they still had to work out the kinks.

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