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    Angry Can't see tests

    I cannot see the questions and answers my student did on completed quizzes and test. in the help document it shows the score to be a hyperlink but on my reports and assignment logs it only shows it as text, like 100% or 63% but it is not clickable. I would like to know what they are answering so I can help them.

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    There is not a way to access all of the scored activities in the same manner as the quizzes.

    The curriculum developer, Compass Learning, in an effort to begin moving away from the old lesson, lesson, quiz, test sequence and more towards using graded lessons, has categorized the "Activity Quizzes" as a scored activity, instead of an actual Quiz due to the nature of each type of activity.
    Activity Quizzes are scored activities that have the same static questions and have been assigned learning activity numbers. (LA#) This provides an easy way for a student to repeat an Activity Quiz they may have struggled with.These LA# can be typed into the activity finder on your child’s launch page and act as a shortcut to the lesson. You can locate these numbers on the report section next to the Activity Title.
    Quizzes which are denoted with the "Q" icon are formatted a little differently. They do not have a learning activity number. In an effort to keep students from memorizing answers, the developers programmed the software to present a different version of a test or quiz each time it is taken. There is a pool of several questions so the sequence and most of the questions will be different each time.
    If you have any further questions, please contact us or check out our Hints.
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