Chapter "Mastered" yet 1 act. not mastered -- is this right?
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    Default Chapter "Mastered" yet 1 act. not mastered -- is this right?

    My daughter took the test for the Positions chapter today within Math, Grade 2. She missed two questions. When she closed the test, 3 or the 4 Activities were marked Mastered. This made sense to me. However, I was very surprised to see the chapter Positions marked Mastered. Is this right?


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    Default Re: Chapter "Mastered" yet 1 act. not mastered -- is this right?

    If a score of 80% or better is obtained on the test, everything associated with it gets marked "Mastered" (for most lesson formats). Some parents who aren't sure where to start their students give the test first. If the student passes the test, they do not have to do the activities. Other parents prefer to have the student do the activities anyway and take the test at the end.

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