combined grades for all subjects??
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    Default combined grades for all subjects??

    My son completed 5th grade today and I went in to look at his final grades for each subject and all his grades from each subject was combined for one final score for each chapter test, quiz, so forth and so on. Did I miss something?? Am I entering something wrong?? HELP!


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    Default Grades

    I was having the same issue and was individually calculating each class because of it. Just checked today and it seems to be back to normal. It should be fixed now so I would check again.

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    Hi all,

    There was a glitch with the reports where it was not pulling reports for individual subjects properly. T4L had reported it to the developer and we had been waiting for the green light that it was fixed. We finally got it on Friday! We are so sorry for the issue. It took the developer awhile to figure out why it was doing that, but now you should be able to pull reports for individual subjects. Thanks for your patience!


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