Compass Learning Odyssey Issues-Link Page Not Available
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    Default Compass Learning Odyssey Issues-Link Page Not Available

    My student is on her English Compass Odyssey Learning. When she clicks on the link to read the article that corresponded with the test questions, this is what happens. The site for the link PBS Newshour, shows a message that reads PAGE NOT now what does she do ? The test cannot be completed without the study material, and then she cannot move onto the next level of her subject. The topic is on Presidential Impeachment. The questions are about the procedure involved to impeach a President of the U.S. She is worried that if she looks up the information from another source it will not match for the questions on this test. Anyone else have this issue, and how did you work around it?

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    If you contact [email protected] directly or call them at 888-771-0914 with the name or activity number of the lesson they can check it out for you.


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