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    Default correct answers marked as in correct

    On some of the work my daughter is doing,she will write an answer,be told it is wrong and then shown the correct answer,which is exactly the same as what she had written. Any idea what this is about?

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    We're sorry to hear that you're having an issue with one of our lessons!

    Could you please email [email protected] with specifics about this issue (such as which activities this is occurring with) as well as your student's name? We would be more than happy to assist you once we get some more information.

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    Are they fill-in-the-blank questions? This happens to my son all the time. We learned there is a set list of answers (sometimes only one) that the program reads as correct, and if it's not an exact character-for-character match, it is marked as incorrect even though it looks exactly the same to our eyes. One time my son typed 20 and was marked wrong, and I found the correct answer on the answer key was 20. How does 20 not match 20? We figured it had to be an extra space or something. Any time he has an answer like that on a quiz, I correct the score in my personal records, but we cannot edit scores in the reports here.

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