Day 1 and problems :(
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    Default Day 1 and problems :(

    I am hoping someone can help!
    It is our first day using Time 4 Learning and we are having trouble. My daughter can log in, but that is it. Earlier we were able to do a science lesson, then we moved onto Language Arts, which loaded after multiple attempts only to stop working after the introduction. We now can't even get on to the "lesson" tab.

    Is there a technical difficulty at present? because we have just wasted a ton of time on this and I'm feeling very frustrated and disappointed for her. She is grade 7/8 and was really looking forward to getting into it.
    Thanks for any help!

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    That sounds like a computer issue specific to your computer. I hope you did get help in another way.

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    The best way to get help is to contact [email protected] directly letting them know the exact problem that you are having. They can advise you the best. Usually it is some simple tweaks to your computer and things will work fine. You can also call them at 888-771-0914.

    Hope things are all straightened out for you!

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