Day 2 of homeschool and stuck
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    Question Day 2 of homeschool and stuck

    Hello Fellow Homeschoolers!

    I am excited to be homeschooling my 5th grader, but already having issues with the site. Please keep in mind that I am takiing 14 college credits (mostly sciences) and trying to get better at navigating the computer itself.

    I think I have looked through everything on here that says how I am supposed to get answer keys, but I am missing something! Hate to say it, but I need the answer key to make sure I am teaching him correctly. I see a lot of worksheets and assignments, but no "teaching"...specifically math.

    I know I saw answer keys somewhere. And are they only for the online assignments? How do I correct the worksheets? Are the worksheets for practice and do not show up in the student portfolio?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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    Hi. The printable worksheets have answer keys available through your parent administration page under Lesson Plans. The developers do not provide answer keys for lessons, tests or quizzes as they prefer students go back and research the correct answer themselves. This will give the student the opportunity to understand why they got the question wrong.
    For 5th-8th grade math specifically, after a quiz is completed the 'Turn In' option will light up. Once your quiz is turned in, you will receive an Odyssey Quiz Review which will allow you to review your quiz results one question at a time. The Odyssey Quiz Review cannot be viewed once you exit the activity so be sure to take advantage of the tool before you exit. Use the "key" to determine how well your student did on their quiz.

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