Disabled father home schooling ADHD 15 year old
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    Default Disabled father home schooling ADHD 15 year old

    Hello and greetings to all! Moved here to Blythe, GA. a year ago and now my son has moved here as of last week to live with me. I am totally disabled and on oxygen most the time, and my 15 year old son has ADHD and some other medical issues. Because of this I have decided that home schooling is our only option. My son just can't sit still long enough to learn anything in a regular school. Since I'm on a "fixed income" I can't afford to purchase books, etc...and am wondering if any of you know how I can do this without incurring an expense, or as little as possible? We do have internet access, but I'm not a computer wiz by any means. Any help on how or where I can get the curriculum/worksheets/tests needed to help me help my son would be so greatly appreciated!
    Looking for any and all guidance, fellow parents with same issues, parents in the same area, and any ideas as where to look ( links maybe? ), etc...
    Have just filed my "letter of intent" with the Richmond Co. School Superintendent, so I've gotten that far!
    Thanking all in advance!

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    If you are new to homeschooling you probably have many unanswered questions such as:

    • How do I begin homeschooling?
    • How will I know if Iím doing all that Iím supposed to?
    • Can I just use Time4Learning?

    Every stateís requirement for homeschooling is different. Thatís why your questions are best answered by your state's Department of Education and other homeschooling parents in your area.

    So where do you begin? Here are three resources that can put you in the right direction.

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