Erasing assignments with low percentage, is it possible? Special needs child.
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    Default Erasing assignments with low percentage, is it possible? Special needs child.

    My son has APD and i was insisting her do the assignments over until his grade was above a 70. But it averages all assignments so his average will continue to be low. Are there and special settings for Special needs kids. They often have to repeat information over and over it takes several trys to retain info.
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    My daughter has Down syndrome and we've been using Time4Learning for a little over 5 years. I love that we can repeat lessons. quizzes and tests as many times as we need to! There are no special settings where we can adjust the grades, but we can do that in our own transcripts. I don't use a grade book with her. I haven't used a grading system with any of my kids until high school. And that's only because it's necessary for the transcripts I need to submit to colleges/universities. So in those cases, I just create my own grade book. I do not use an averaging system. The important thing to me is that they're getting it. If I know they can come back to the same test next month and still get a great score, then that's the score I use in my grade book. I don't make them do that, but you know what I mean. In the long run, what's going to count most if/when they go to college is their SAT and ACT scores or in my/this daughter's case, that she's 'getting it'. So at this point, with my daughter, I don't look at the scores. I look at the actual quiz or test to see how many she got wrong and go from there (repeat, go a lower grade level, or move on)

    By the way, Time4Learning can re-set the account and start fresh, but that would delete his old records. So Time4Learning advises to print all reports before doing that.
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