Errors in 1st grade Math Curriculum!
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    Exclamation Errors in 1st grade Math Curriculum!

    Has anyone else's child had difficulty with the 1st Grade Math Activitiesinvolving "The Kitty and Arvid Show" telling them that the answersare incorrect, when they most assuredly are correct? My son has had thisdifficulty in EVERY activity that "The Kitty and Arvid Show" has beeninvolved. I have even gone behind him and tried it myself with the sameresults.

    Also in the Math activity quiz: Math10130 Estimation Language #(63568785) problem #8 has a typo which causes thechild to get it marked wrong. Answer b is 69 which is the closest to 67 howeverI believe that answer b was to read 60, which in turn would cause a differentanswer to be correct.

    These issues are just a bitfrustrating to us. I was curious if others were having similar difficulties andif they knew how to report the issues.



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    We are sorry you are having trouble with these lessons. Unfortunately, there is an error with the Kitty and Arvid activities in which they will not recognize the correct answers. We have alerted the developer and they are currently working on resolving these issues. We understand that this issue is frustrating- We're frustrated too! We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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