Errors in 4th grade Math
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    Default Errors in 4th grade Math

    My daughter and I discovered 2 errors in her Math lesson today on angles. Lesson #40825 A Cute Angle Art, showed shapes and they had to put how many right, acute and obtuse angles each shape had. There were only 6 problems and 2 of them were clearly wrong! It was frustrating because I taught her to use a piece of paper to check the angles and she kept getting the 1st one wrong! They said there was a right angle, but it was clearly obtuse. Then there was another problem that had the same error. She was getting confused and in order to move on and get a perfect score, she was forced to put the wrong answer in!!

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    We are very sorry if there is an error in the lesson. Time4Learning leases the curriculum from the developer and we definitely want to report any issues with the lessons! The best way to report any problem like that would be to contact support directly so that they can look up your account, test out the lesson and contact the developer if need be. I did look at the lesson you mentioned a couple of times. The first figure had a right angle at the top and the bottom 2 angles are acute angles. The last figure did have a right angle at the bottom left, acute angles at the the top left and bottom right as well as an obtuse angle at the top right. We are sorry if you found it confusing. The developer does their best to present the material in a fun and accurate way, but it could be displaying slightly off kilter depending on your screen settings. We will pass your comments on to the developer for consideration.


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