If this isnt the right location to post this feel free to move, I couldnt find a feature request location but I've been asking for this for years... I've also sent a message through my account but I want to post it here too.. copying as sent from my account message area:

"Feature request... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow an option to be enabled/disabled by a parent to force the child to go in order of the lessons as they appear. ask your developers to create some kind of "if this then that" where the next lessons cant be accessed until the previous one is marked complete. Some of us cant watch our kids every second of school and many of us dont have kids that follow directions well.. I have been using you all and asking about this for many many years now, i dont believe it should be this difficult to add this function and give your parents the option to choose whether they want to skip around or not. Honestly i cant understand why the system is set up that this is the DEFAULT method as opposed to an exception and option to begin with. "

PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE there's no *begging on my knees* emoji so just pretend i put one