Firefox under Linux?
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    Default Firefox under Linux?

    We are having an issue with the website. It worked fine last week, but today we get a message saying our browser is not supported.


    ETA: After doing some digging, the issue is not that the site does not work with Firefox 3 under Linux, it is simply that for some reason, the browser check is rejecting Firefox 3 under Linux as a valid browser. If I configure the browser to report that it's really running under Windows, it actually WORKS correctly. This setting does not change the way the browser behaves on my end, just gets past a needlessly restrictive browser check.

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    We switched to using IE just for T4L - we had several issues when we first started T4L trying to use it with Firefox and it was a relatively painless fix since we still have IE on all the computers even though we primarily use Firefox for browsing. These are all Windows based computers though.
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    Time4Learning has never had a report of being compatible with Linux with any browser. If you are able to use Time4Learning with a Linux operating system please contact me by email so that I may pass this information on to other members who would like to use us, but could not because we did not support a Linux operating system.


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