Frustrated: Why does it not keep my daughters information seprerated?
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    Unhappy Frustrated: Why does it not keep my daughters information seprerated?

    This is now the 3rd time one of my daughters logs in and it will show her name at the first screen but when it brings up the grade level and lesson plans it belongs to the other daughter and has the other daughters name. I have already cleared the history on the computer and turned it off and back on. Now this time when I am login in to see what they have been working on when I click on Dominique I see Dominique's. When I click on Kimberly I see Dominique's. Can somebody who has more than one kid in the same login such as both upper or both lower. Tell me what I have to do so that they can login to their work when they are supposed to with out it coming up as her sister.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble! It sounds like your computer is getting confused. In order to best help you, we would need to look at your account. The best thing is to contact customer support directly so we can identify you and your account. You can reach us at [email protected] or give us a call 954-771-0914. We are here until 6:00 pm EST today.


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