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    I have a general question about the time setting in our account. My daughter sits just right next to me and she works in Math, it is 10:00 am where we live and my and her PC show that time in the toolbar. But if I check her report from this morning it says, that she signed in at 11:00 am, so the time setting of our Time4Learning account does not match the time setting in our region.

    This is generally not a big issue, but the reason I checked was because she told me that she worked yesterday morning in T4L (confirmed by the other daughter). But her attendance report doesn't show that she even logged in at the time.
    I had an errand to run yesterday morning, so maybe I would have disregarded this discrepancy with "wishful thinking" of my daughters part, but I have noticed discrepancies before where I knew she was working, but the report didn't show it. However before asking about it, I wanted to make sure it is no stupid mistake from our part. Now I am at my wits end, so here I am.

    The other daughter clearly worked yesterday, but it was in the morning and her report shows the time of log in as 6 pm - we had been here at 6 pm and she was not working at that time in T4L. Besides, her attendance report for this week in the "recent work" TAB shows, that she worked in:

    Let Me Try: Percents - M7062
    Compare and Contrast: Quiz 1 - R7081
    Compare and Contrast: Interactive Guided Instruction - R7080
    Let Me Try: Percents - M7062 again (with 25% completed)

    But the attendance report for this week in the TAB "reports" doesn't show the firs M7062, R7081 and R7080 work.

    I am closely monitoring both my daughters work in T4L at the moment and the times just don't add up.

    Please let me know where I might have an error in my thinking or in my technical setup.

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    We can tell you that the program is set to central standard time as that is the time zone the program developer is located in. All reports and work done within the program will reflect central standard time.

    In regards to the attendance report we can tell you that assignments will not show up on the attendence report unless the assignment is completed. We are unable to access your account through the parent forum information to test the reports on your account. Please either contact us at 1-888-771-0914 or by emailing us directly at [email protected] so may access your account and do a test of the reporting function.

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