Getting an error msg BR5002
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    Default Getting an error msg BR5002

    I am getting an error msg of BR5002 each time I try to open my students written odyssey assignment (on my computer). When she clicks on the forward key to have it graded (on her computer) it provides her with a list of teacher names.

    Can anyone shed a little light on the correct way to grade my childs assignment.

    P.S. From her computer, we did print the written work and the rubric out for grading.

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    We are not sure what that error message is and would need for you to contact our support team for more assistance. The student will need to submit the assignment to one of the teacher's listed as this will mark the assignment as complete. The parent will then handle the grading by logging into the parent page and locating the assignment under the recent work tab. The parent will click the score marked as a N/A, which will open the assignment and provide the rubric to grade the assignment. There is not a way for us to enter the scores into the reports so the parent will want to print the assignments out and hand grade them.

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