Getting very frustrated with continued problems
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    Default Getting very frustrated with continued problems

    Ok - at this point the ongoing problems with the slowness of my son being able to log in, the frequent session ending because of time outs, etc. is getting VERY frustrating.

    I do understand that you all have been working on it frequently, but honestly for the amount I pay each month I expect it to work when my son goes to do his lessons much better than it is. I can live with the outages on the weekends more, even though that is when I would like to do my planning on it, but M-F when most of us have our kids scheduled to do school should be better.

    Is there any sort of timeline as to when you all expect to fully have these issues solved?
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    Default Tech issues?????

    I would have to agree. At first I was trying to figure out if this was my computer????
    The most frustrating part for my kids and I is that they will make it all the way through a lesson or almost all the way through and then it will freeze. Then we have to wait forever for it to log back in AND THEN they have to do the lesson all over again in order to get our arrow pointing at the lesson we should be at. (This makes it so helpful when the arrow is where it should be b/c it allows my kids to work more independently when I am working with the other kids).
    It would be great if we could get some kind of idea of when this will be fixed...i

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    Witchy and Melissa,

    We are so sorry, we only relay the messages and timelines that our developers tell us. We do appreciate your patience and understanding.

    What we believe to be happening is that there hosted server is getting overloaded. What we thought to have been fixed a few weeks back, sneaked back up. This weekends updates were suppose to fix these problems and I believe the only slowness issues were for a short amount of time today.

    Our apologies!

    In all the updates that we are trying so hard to implicate, will over all make Time4Learning run faster and smoother.

    Thanks for hanging in there!

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