Going from student workpage to playground?
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    Default Going from student workpage to playground?

    I have it set up for my son to get 10 min. at the playground and we started yesterday that he gets to go there between subjects.
    Is there a way to get from his main classroom page with his subjects to the playground easily? I do not see a button/icon/tab to click for him to go there. The only way we could see to do it, was open a new window and log onto the playground and then close the window when he was done but this made his classroom page log him out from lack of use and we would THEN have to re-log him into his classroom page to continue.

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    Default Playground Logins

    It sounds like your child is in the upper elementary (4th - 8th grades) portion of our program. The only way to log into the playground in the upper levels is through the upper elementary login page. We can, per your request, give your child access to the lower level login this way you can access it inside the system. If you choose to do this please contact [email protected] and let them know that you would like to login through the lower level login.

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