grade 5 Life cycle of the plant- observing seeds: what kind?
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    Default grade 5 Life cycle of the plant- observing seeds: what kind?

    It says to open and observe a seed to see embryo, endosperm, etc.

    Is there a good bean to use? I think I read that some beans do not have some of these regular basics, is that right?

    I keep thinking that, in school, we either used lima beans or black-eyed peas but I'm not sure.


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    Here is a link to help out with your question. I have heard from other parents to use a Lima bean and soak it over night.

    Have fun!

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    We used lima beans as well as several others. I actually bought a bag of "bean soup mix" at the grocery store that had a bunch of different types of beans in it. We picked out a couple of each type and let them all soak overnight (the rest of the beans I made soup with for hubby). Some beans worked better than others. An Xacto knife helped slice them open to see the insides after they had soaked.

    One of our favorite activities around the same time was making an edible cell from jello and other things. It was one of the green or yellow box activities in the chapter. I was really impressed that my son got it out for after dinner that night and explained to his dad what all the names of each part of the cell were and what their functions were.
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