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    Default Grade 6 Math

    Was there a change in the 6th grade math curriculum?
    All of the completed lessons that my daughter finished have disappeared and all of the lesson categories have changed/disappeared.
    If you have any information on this, I would appreciate it.

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    Hi Ken,

    Sorry for the confusion. I think we'll need to get a message up on the login pages about the updates to the math sections; specifically the 5th and 6th grade math.

    As part of the update that was done this weekend, the 5th and 6th grade math sections were totally redone. The developers added all new math activities. All of the activities that were there before are now moved to the folder labeled "practice". Everything that they've completed should still be marked as such and you may choose to just continue using those lessons as your math curriculum. The new lessons are updated as far as technology, not content, so it's not as if the material in the practice folder is out of date or anything.

    I do apologize for the confusion. We should have gotten a note up about it to members sooner. Time4Learning member support is seeing this all for the first time as well, so we weren't sure of exactly what changes we might see.

    We'll also be getting new lesson plans up in the parent login to reflect the new material ASAP.

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    Default other 6th grade issues

    My son did the Roman numeral lesson, in two of the questions there were mistakes... not huge ones, one question referred to the person first as she and then as he...another stated Darla had read some pages, and Juan...then asked for the difference between what Veronica and Juan had read. It was not a big deal and we laughed about it, but my son is not a strong reader and alone this might have really thrown him.

    Otherwise, we are enjoying T4L, waiting for Aug. to start full time.

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    Default 6th grade issues

    In trying to print off the new lesson plans, it shows correctly on the screen, then when I go to print it, it reverts to the old curriculum. We need to get the new lessons where we can print them off.


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