Gray check marks considered not Completed
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    Default Gray check marks considered not Completed

    We are getting inaccurate reports in the parents section because when my son finishes a module it won't check it off or it gives it a Gray check mark and just says Status: Pending. So when I go to check his status it says he is way behind what he is actually at because the Gray check marks aren't considered finished but he is finished with it. I spend more wasted time going back through unchecked chapters to see what needs to be done but all but 1 will have Blue Check marks but the Chapter isn't considered completed because of a Gray check mark. He read a story and just got a Gray check mark for it and the Chapter is never considered completed. THIS MUST BE FIXED. It's an unorganized mess. It's a hug annoyance.

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    Default Re: Gray check marks considered not Completed


    On the Student Dashboard, a grey checkmark means the activity was accessed. If it was completed and exited correctly, you'll see a full blue sheet on the Student Report and the grey checkmark will turn blue by the next day.

    If you see a half blue sheet on the Student Report, this means that activity was not completed or was closed without being exited correctly. (Exiting properly is what cues the system that the activity was completed.) You can either check off the activity yourself (if you are using the Activity Planner) or have your child repeat the activity and exit properly.

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    Smile Re: Gray check marks considered not Completed

    I've been experiencing the same thing. We've tried different browsers and different computers, all with the same results - Time4Learning is a great resource but its activity checking is pretty unreliable.

    While we haven't solved the problem, some things we have found are:

    - Both the blue bar at the botton and "EXIT ACTIVITY" in the blue bar are clickable. Clicking the words seems to register the course most of the time. Clicking the blue bar is a crap shoot.

    - Odyssey Writer may or may not work. It may or may not record a completed lesson. Opening Odyssey Writer and clicking the check at the top will register it completed.

    - Quizzes seem to always register as completed when complete. This seems due in part to the fact they are registered immediately while activities are "Pending" until 1PM the next day when it may or may not be marked complete.

    - Asking my 12-year old "Did you complete this lesson last week?" will garner either "I don't know" or the answer he thinks I want to hear, neither one is necessarily the correct answer.

    Hope some of that helps!

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