Green arrow not moving!
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    Default Green arrow not moving!

    So we finished the reading for a geography lesson but when we go to the lesson page the little green arrow is not moving. Why??? My son finished the activity quiz and the little yellow circle spins but the green arrow is STILL not moving. Why?

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    There are very specific ways that you exit out of some of the lessons. You cannot just click the red "X" in the upper right hand corner. The proper exiting is what marks the lesson as complete. Check out this link to see the various ways of exiting. If the lesson does not mark as complete the arrow will not move. Once way to tell if the lesson is deemed incomplete in the system is when it shows up in the recent work of the reports section, the little paper icon is not fully colored in blue. You could have support look up your account if you need additional assistance Contact them at 888-771-0914.


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