Having a few problems with scores and answers! Im new! :)
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    Unhappy Having a few problems with scores and answers! Im new! :)

    Hey guys,

    We just started 2 days ago and I have a few questions that I cannot seem to find anywhere! Sorry if these are repeats to someone elses!!

    First of all, my son was doing an activity and he was clicking on the right answer and it kept saying that it was wrong! This was a scored activity and so he scored very low (38%). I am wondering how I can correct this.

    This also applies to another question. He did poorly on another test (i am assuming because of the same reason, MATH activities are a problem with not letting him click the right answer for some reason). Well he scored a 40% and I allowed him to redo it immediately and he scored 5 out of 5, presumably a 100%.. so why is it still showing up as 40%?? this was a quiz and so I am really upset that these scores seem to not change no matter how well my son does the next time, especially when it wasnt his fault in the first place for getting it wrong!

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! and sorry again is this has been answered somewhere else

    Can my child not redo a quiz and have the average score or the new score show up?


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    Default Retaking Quizzes

    We are sorry you are having troubles.

    The great news is that your student can retake the quizzes that you are referring to as many many times as you wish. In order for the activity to score properly, you must access the quiz you would like to retake from the student's launch pad, not the report section, otherwise it may not score. The score should appear immediately after it is completed and exited properly. I hope this has helped you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Thank You,

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