Having trouble with Art!!! Can someone help?
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    Angry Having trouble with Art!!! Can someone help?

    My daughter is working on the chapter Making paint. It will not let her go to Mobility from tubes. It just says loading and there is a blank screen. She has done all the previous lessons and they have checkmarks by them. Can someone help me to fix this?
    Also when I try to print the worksheets from art, it goes to this different page that says 404 page has been stolen.
    We are very aggravated with the art!!! There is always something wrong with it. Sometimes it won't load and we have to exit and reload the art. I really hope that it is fixed soon or we wont use it anymore. Seems to be more trouble than its worth!!!!

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    Please contact the support team at 954-771-0914 so we may locate your account and assist with the issue you are having.

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