Help PLease! 4th grade math!
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    Default Help PLease! 4th grade math!

    Well, I have looked for others having the same problem and am not seeing any so I am guessing it is just us not getting something. In several of the 4th grade math lessons we can't figure out what it wants us to do to put the answers in and therefor have been unable to complete several lessons. I end up having my daughter put them on paper or answer them verbally to me. There must be a real way to do these lessons.

    One of the lessons I am referring to is Rounding Numbers Exploratory. We see where the questions are and see that there is an area to type in but no type seems to be related to any specific question. Then there is the activity at the top which doesn't seem to be related at all to the questions or how to input the answers. Please help, what are we missing???

    Kim and Emma

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    Exploratory lessons are non-graded activities that allow children to engage in more practice with a particular concept. The exploratory activities act as a visual math strategy, giving children the use of commonly helpful manipulatives, such as Base 10 blocks, charts, tangrams, patterns, function tables, and equation scales.

    Variables: The variables are found on the left side and will need to be clicked on. Then, children will click in the desired place on the worksheet for those variables to appear.

    The Number Buttons: When click on the numbers, number corresponding question will appear for each.

    The Key Button: By click on the key, a child can check their work and answers

    The Type Button: This feature allows students to type their work in, as if using scratch paper.

    The Help Button: will give students hints and directions as to how to use the manipulative.

    Exploratory lesson are older lesson which we hope to remove in the upcoming years. If you are still confused by these activities you can login to them and then log out and the system will show the activity as completed.

    Good Luck

    Time4Learning Support

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