How do I adjust the activity scheduler for holidays?
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    Default How do I adjust the activity scheduler for holidays?

    How do we adjust for Holidays? The scheduler is going straightthrough every week from September through June, not accounting for Holiday weeks off. How do I adjust this? Thanks.

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    did you get an answer or discover a trick? we've just signed up for t4l & realized the same thing. in browsing other tech questions, all I've seen is an answer from t4l saying that you have to using option b for scheduling, and know what you want to cover in which timeframe (for instance you cover science, chapters 1-4 beginning sept 1, ending dec 18; and then enter chapters 5-10, beginning jan 3, ending march 15; and then chapters 11-12 beginning april 1, ending may 31 .... PURELY fictitious examples because i'm not familiar enough with the curriculum to know how many chapters are in any given course.) can't wait to hear if you found a way around it. hope your year is going well! prazgrl.

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    The best way to account for breaks in your schedule would be to generate the schedule for your entire time frame now. Your student can mark off the lessons as they are completed. Then after your break, you can generate a new schedule using option b which allows you to start with the chapter where your student left off in each subject or course.


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