How to use the natural reader instead of Peedy
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    Default How to use the natural reader instead of Peedy


    I have downloaded the natural reader to use, but Peedy still shows up when I'm on the lessons. How do I get the natural one to work instead of Peedy?


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    I am not sure you can use natural reader in T4L. If you can highlight the text, then it should work.
    go to your start menu, click on natural reader. you should get the abreviated tool bar. highlight the text then click on the play button.
    Does that work?
    We could not use it in the language arts comprehension part.

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    Default Unistalling Peedy

    Peedy is also known as the "MS Agent" and there should be 4 components downloaded in order for him to work. You could try unistalling all of them and removing him entirely.

    have a great day!

    Dawn T4L

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