I'm brand new to this
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    Default I'm brand new to this

    I read everything (I think) and still cannot figure out how to put things in my daughter's assignment folder. If it matters, I use a mac.

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    The assignments function is used by schools only, where each student is assigned a learning path by their teacher and only have access to one lesson at a time. Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum which does not have the ability to access the assignment function. As part of the membership fee you pay, students are provided with all material needed for the grade level they are in.

    For your planning purposes, we have provided the online scope and sequence (ie: lesson plans) for our grade levels and subjects. The lesson plans are laid out in the same sequence as the lessons within the program, so you can follow along by printing out the lesson plans and comparing them to your child’s progress report to be sure they are on track.

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